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Press and Reviews: The Canadian Canoe Company, by Ken Brown

"This is the book of the season for anyone interested in Peterborough history, or local sports, or canoes. The book matured over 15 years, and the wait has been worthwhile." Elwood Jones, "Paddle through canoe’s past: History of Canadian Canoe Co. touches on entire cycle of a famous local industry," Peterborough Examiner, 5 November 2011, A5. (Click here to download a pdf of this article.)

"Just in time for Christmas! The Canadian Canoe Company and the Early Peterborough Canoe Factories by Ken Brown is a must-have for any canoe historian’s library." Wooden Canoe Heritage Association

"The history of the canoe building companies that were a significant part of the economic life of Peterborough, Ontario, for more than one hundred years is as rich and tangled a story as you’re likely to find in Canadian business history.... It is also a complicated story, and those who are interested in canoeing history, Canadian history, Canadian business history and the story of how the city of Peterborough, Ontario came to be synonymous around the world with the canoe will have a much easier time figuring it out after they have read Peterborough author Ken Brown’s new book: The Canadian Canoe Company & the Early Peterborough Canoe Factories." From Playing With Boats, a blog by John Summers of the Canadian Canoe Museum
See The Canadian Canoe Company press release.

Book Launch: The Canadian Canoe Company, by Ken Brown

The book launch of Ken Brown's The Canadian Canoe Company and the Early Peterborough Canoe Factories took place on October 20, 2011. Over 200 people attended to chat with experts about canoes and the canoe-building heritage of the Peterborough region---all in a wonderfully appropriate venue, The Canadian Canoe Museum.

At the launch, 250 limited-edition, signed copies of the book were sold. Each copy had been stamped with the original corporate seal of the Canadian Canoe Company.

Press Coverage of the Launch

"Ken Brown's book on early Peterborough canoe factories the result of 15 years of work," Peterborough Examiner

"Book on Canadian Canoe Company launched October 21, 2011," CHEX TV

"New book takes a look at history of Peterborough's early canoe factories," Peterborough Examiner.

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